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Company information
Customer and Supplier data
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The warehouse inauguration in Vignate
The warehouse inauguration in Vignate
Customer and Supplier data

According to the article. 13 of the UE regulation 2016/679, Autotrasporti Vercesi S.p.A, informs you that the collected personal data, referring to the contact model, are subject to processing respecting the norms mentioned above. As far as these procedures are concerned Autotrasporti vercesi provides the following information:

Collected personal data
To assure faster connectivity to our services, personal data must be collected, therefore we believe that it must be protected. we view it as our duty, to comply with various legal regulations around Europe. All the collected personal data including names, addresses phone numbers and emails, can be processed only for the purpose that was defined before the data was collected.

Data holder (Par. 1 Letter a)
As a holder of personal data, Autotrasporti Vercesi S.P.A can be contacted at any moment on the following phone number: +39295364156 or Contact , by the data subject who can assert his rights under Paragraph 2, letter b, c, d.

Our company is always monitoring vehicles and drivers, for this end, we named a DPO (AS PREVISTED IN ART.37, PAR.1, LETT B).

The provided personal data can be processed for the requested information service and will be processed in paper and computerized form, inserted in the relevant database to which access will be guaranteed to the subject. As far as processed electronic data is concerned, we believe that ensuring data protection is the base of a trustworthy business relationship, therefore we adopt all the appropriate security measures to protect the rights, freedom, and legitimate interests of the subject under the art.22 par.3 of the reg. UE2016/679.

Personal data transmission
Transmission of personal data outside or inside Vercesi group is subject to authorization, or can be absolutely denied to extra European (third country).

Data reduction and data economy
In order to guarantee precise and fast service, personal data will be stored exclusively for historical or statistical purposes, in accordance with the law, regulations, community legislation and codes of conduct and ethics signed under Article 40 of the EU Reg. 2016/679, for a period as per current legislation, or, in case they are not subject to any law, for a period not exceeding five years. Beyond this period, personal data will be stored anonymously or destroyed.

Data conservation period
In order to guarantee precise and fast service, personal data will be conserved exclusively for statistical use.

Rights of the data subject (par.2 letter b)
In accordance with the predicted treatments, the data subject may request access to her/his data in order to verify it, limit it, or cancel it, the data subject has the right to object her/his data being processed.
Autotrasporti Vercesi - Trasporti e Logistica

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