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Logistics/The logistics System
Storage of goods

For the storage of your goods we have taken into account the primary market needs such as the protection and preparation of orders, opportunities for inventory consultation and the use of modern systems that allow any kind of request to be dealt with rapidly and efficiently.

The whole area covers 14,850 square meters:

- 5,500 square meters; used for storage
- 600 square meters; occupied by offices
- 7,000 square meters: reserved for the parking of the fleet

The pallet places in the warehouse have pharmaceutical authorization and are stored at a controlled temperature (equipped with two ranges: 2°C-8°C and 15°C-25°C) as required by the relevant regulations (Legislative Decree April 24, 2006 n. 219, AIFA directives, veterinary drugs and food).

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Autotrasporti Vercesi - Trasporti e Logistica

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